How we do things....

Design - We believe simple is beautiful. Our products are inspired by time tested classic designs.  All of our models start off with extensive field research with men and women who work either on or along the water.   Sailors, Boat Builders, Marina Hands,  Coast Guard, Navy, Harbor Masters, Fisherman, River Guides, Divers, Recreational Boaters.  We talk to them all.  

3D Printed Prototypes and Final Product


Materials- We have worked with a lot of materials over the years.  Knife makers talk about how every type of steel requires some level of compromise.   We think that LC200N is the material that requires no compromise.   Best in class corrosion resistant, tough, and great edge retention.  We feel this is the perfect steel for hard working knives.

   CAD Designs

CNC -  We use precision CNC equipment to profile our blades and to contour our handles.   CNC allows us to control quality and ensure that every Parker River Knife meets our tough standards.


CNC Handle Production

Hand Finished - Every blade is hand ground to achieve the perfect angle and finish.   

 Batch Production